Pro Tips to Buy Green Coffee Beans 
Coffee is common worldwide with millions of people consuming an estimate of 1.4 billion cups of coffee every day. This makes coffee one of the common drinks worldwide and thus the presence of coffee shops all over. The best way to attract more customers to your coffee is by availing high-quality coffee. For the best experience, therefore, you should consider the unroasted green coffee beans. This is because roasted coffee lasts for only 30 days before losing its flavor and thus becoming bitter and useless. Below are essential tips to help you choose the best coffee beans for your business.
Know about the region where the coffee was grown. Coffee beans have different flavors depending on the climate grown. So, before you buy any coffee ensure you know its type and where it is coming from. Search for regions with the best climate for coffee and then source your beans from there.
Check the characteristics of the beans. Different types of coffee beans have different levels of acidity. Acidity levels determine whether the coffee taste sharp, sour, crisp, or clean. Also, take note of the body of the bean. Customers have a varying preference of how the coffee feels in the mouth which is determined by the body of the coffee bean. Depending on your customer needs, choose either creamy or thin coffee. You should also consider the aroma of the coffee. This is because coffee drinkers choose coffee drinks over others because of its aroma.
How was the coffee beans processed before roasting? You can go for the dry-processed beans at This is where the cherry is picked and left out to dry before removing the beans, resulting in sweet coffee beans. On the other hand, the coffee cherry is never dried, coffee beans are removed then dried later. Such beans are less sweater compared to the other beans.
Ask about the price. Quality coffee will cost you a lot of money. However, that should not scare you because your customer needs will always be meet and thus keep you going. But that does not mean every expensive coffee beans are high-quality. Be careful when selecting your beans. Also, compare the pricing from different sellers.
Another important thing to look into is storage. You want to ensure there is a dry and cool storage facility for your coffee. The beans should also be kept from direct sunlight to prevent them from drying. For a general overview of this topic, click here: