How To Buy The Green Coffee Beans In Wholesale
Over 1.4 billion coffee cups are consumed yearly. With this, a small investor can get cash by opening a coffee shop. As coffee beans age, they taste bitter as there are changes in flavor and acidity. Roasted beans can last for 30 days. If you want the best flavor, go for those that are not more than 48 hours after roasting. Today, you can buy unroasted beans in wholesale. Here are the tips for buying unroasted green coffee beans in wholesale.

Know the growing region
In every region, you find climates that produce different types of coffee beans. This brings different flavors. Know where to source the beans. In the Americas, you discover more of beans with citrus and floral flavors. Mexico brings the chocolate nut flavor as Costa Rica gives the deeper roast. In Brazil, the beans taste sweet, while Colombia offers various flavors.

Colombia sells coffee ban wit different flavors with smooth chocolatey, bright or fruity. Hawaii is popular with Kona, known to have fruity and mild flavors.

In East Africa and the Middle East, you get the heavy notes, complex and sweet flavors. Ethiopia has Arabica beans, which remain the best wit fruity flavors. Kenya produces sweet and acidic flavors with a hint of berry.
India produces Monsoon Malabar with creamy and mild flavors. Indonesia produces coffee beans with a deep earthy flavor.

When buying the coffee beans wholesale, do more research. Today, you have to know more about Robusta and Arabica coffee. Each has a distinct taste, thus the difference. The Arabica, as shown in this link come in oblong shape. They are tastier than Robusta and costly. On the other hand, Robusta is cheap, less tasty, and found in espressos and blends.

The coffee acidity defines its sour, sharp, refreshing or crisp tastes. The beans have different levels of acidity. Know the body of your coffee beans as this is what consumers want. Many people love the smell, and this is what pulls them to use.

The coffee is processed in two ways. The dry process involves drying the beans in the sun to give a distinct and sweet taste. The wet process involves removing the cherry before drying to create a less sweet bean, but with acidity.

When storing, keep the green coffee in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and in average warmth. If possible, use the beans immediately after purchasing in wholesale as this is still fresh.

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